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My fellow Ghouls and Ghoulet’s tonight I took time out from the Devils Workshop to take in a haunted attraction that is about 30 or so miles from my home called Hacker House in Pilot Mountain, NC.

THE Haunted House in North Carolina - Happy Haunted Halloween!

It had been years since I last visited this attraction and even thought it doesn’t measure up to Spookywood;

Spookywoods, North Carolina's favorite Halloween Attraction

That is also close to my home and one of the top 10 attractions in the nation which I will not miss it was nice to see the Hacker House haunt again.

Hopefully maybe some people involved or acquainted with the folks that build and operate Hacker House may read this post or it maybe pass it on to them. My first impression is I was disappointed they did away with the prop that you could watch while you waited on line. They have a great area to do some type of mechanical prop or even project a LED movie but the space is totally void! As for once inside the attraction they had a few outstanding props that wowed Mrs. Spookzilla and the old Spookmister. The first was a mechanical prop that remind us of the traveling exposition that showed the human body and the muscles and tissue of such, who ever made this prop did an outstanding job. Three other props really caught our eyes, one was a graveyard scene with many skeletons on crude crosses which reminded me of what medieval crucifixions may have looked like. The other was a crypt scene you walked through that reminded me of the catacombs that you can see in places like Paris or Rome.

Sadly I thought the crucifixion and catacomb effects were poorly lighted at best and with some good spot lighting they could of been really been eye popping! As for the catacombs the lighting was again very poor with some small lanterns which was good but what it really needed was some low intensity blue lighting in each crypt to show off the skeletons and they needed to get out the cobweb shooter and shoot webs inside these crypt shelves.

The one other outstanding prop that made me and the Mrs. Spookzilla stop in our tracks and say major cool was one of the simplest they had on display. Behind a three side open wall of broken small slat boards they built a rotating wheel that had a pipe sticking up and around which they built a column of skeletons. This rotating column of skeletons was lite up by a simple strobe light and the effect was just inspiring to say the least and I must say well done!

So my suggestion, take it or leave it, if anyone from Hacker House who may read this post is to invest in some good lighting to show off some of your outstanding props!
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