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Hack sound activated prop to be motion dectected

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Does anyone know of a way yo hack a sound activated prop so that it is motion detected. My experience with sound activation is not good. They go off when not expected and don't go off when you want them to.
I was thinking of cutting off the sound sensor and reconnecting the wires so that it is constantly activated. Then plug the prop into a powerstrip activated by a motion dectector.
Hopefully, the prop will activated when powere is sent to it.
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That'll likely work. If you are so inclined, you can also "hack" a motion sensor light fixture to activate props without the whole powerstrip and DC adapter. Check this out:

AUTOMAT3D Blog Archive Motion Sensor Switched Output Hack

In a nut-shell, what it does is allow you to use the built-in relay to activate props without sending full "mains" power to it!
Mr Grimsley
I use these motion detectors. Flex ECT
They let you control how long to provide power down to the second and how long to go before activating again. I have four of them. I also use regular motion detectors from Home Depot that provide power to a wall wort outlet. If you use test mode, it only activates for 15 seconds. These are good for props that don't need control down to the exact second. I am good at hacking stuff but I don't want to unless I absolutely have to!!!!
hauntcrazy, I have four of the Flex ECT's also. They work great indoors, but I've found them to be very tempermental when I use them outside in the yard. Have you ever had any problems? I put them in plastic shoe boxes that I painted black, but they still seem to have a mind of thier own. Maybe it's a temperature thing?
I have heard it is a temperature thing. I live in Atlanta so I don't have much of a problem. Inside, they work like a charm. I don't do much outside anyway except for static tombstones and a few other things.
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