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Two,right in front of my house, from Wisconsin, on a motorcycle.
The second one was a store owner in Savanna, ill. when I quietly told him how i had scared a man who was now inside his store, when he and I were in Utah camping.
The third was a local young man here in town who was sitting on the steps of the Library. (It was closed) I told him he should check-out their porno section,,. IF he could FIND IT!
The fourth,a woman began telling me how her husband terrorized a cabin full of young girls with the story he told them of "The Ice Pick" murderer who hitched rides on trains. When the train passed by the cabin several hours later those girls went totally Paniced-nuts! So then I told her a few quick stories of my own.
I made Four people laugh today,and they were not in my haunted house!
The "Ice-Pick" storyteller was in trouble from a Mother of one girl because the whole cabin were so hysterical!
"Tell HIM, that HE can babysit them at night now when they can't get to sleep!"
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