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Guy Run Over by Lawn Mower Halloween Prop - Something Different

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And now for something completely different. Thinking outside the coffin.

When I was building props a few years ago. My friend I played hockey with said all he did was put an old pair of jeans under an old lawnmower. He said he’s glad no one stole the lawnmower :D


It looks better flat instead of the traditional porch scarecrow stuffed-with-leaves.

Could also put a life-sized PVC prop pushing it! Grim Reaper would be pretty funny ^o^

Any Halloween costume could work as long as it’s not a Disney Princess or Monster High ; A vampire or Witch costume to pull it more towards a Halloween with a laugh. Kind of like the wicked Witch of the West getting smashed by a lawnmower instead of a house.

You can dress him as your least favorite sports team with a hat or helmet off to the side or prop like a football. Or least favorite celebrity. Or whomever’s in the news that year.

My friend performs Poe’s Raven so he could put a Halloween store stuffed crow (close enough) on the handle. Something to personalize it.

Maybe a face like the Flying Tiger WWII airplanes on the lawnmower. Someone said it reminded them of the movie Maximum Overdrive where “A group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal.” Traditional Halloween horror fare ;

I would stop short of sausage link guts and fake blood and the neighbor’s dog eating it lol

Anyway you slice it it can be ghoulish fun!
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Human Candy Shovel
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Oh, man....

So now I want to rebrand my ride on mower as "Death Scythe 3000" with the slogan "red paint hides the blood" (it is a Snapper, lol) and put some kicking legs under it... and build a grim reaper driving it. But I want the reaper to have a poo eating grin, and I want to add the automation to that every time someone walks by, his head turns and he yells "You're next!" followed by the sound of the mower throttle being gunned. :D

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@ Dave in the Grave - yeah! I like him better flat.

@ Dude Here - That's cool other people do this!

@ Blarghity - Lol the creative juices are flowing!

@ Screaming Demons - haha I'll have to show that to my friend. Scary Terry has great instructions on a lot of props.
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