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Guided Haunt Tours with Blow out Candle

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Dionicia posted today in the First Halloween Sightings in Stores thread about a "blow out candle" that Cracker Barrel sells. I've seen a few blow out candles out there this season already but really liked theirs. I've also run across the REDs Free Circuit Designs site and they have a schematic for making one. And there's always the PVC candle project with GE blow out tealights option.

So here's my question: Do you think guided haunt tours with a blow out candle has a cool factor to it? I'm considering doing a haunted walkway to go from scene to scene and thought the guide could hold the candle and blow it out to add to the excitement in the dark (like... the spirits are whispering to me they don't like the lights, so stay close to each other while I extinguish the flame and don't be frightened...). This way you'd also have someone along to watch out for the ToTers and your props too. The guide might also help trigger special or prop effects along the way. What do you think? Good idea or bad? Has anyone used this type of product yet?

Here's the link to Dionicia's Cracker Barrel find

Here's the link to REDs candle blow out

More blow out products: GE tealights, and a pillar candle on a British site
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I think that if it gives off enough light to make a startling difference when blown out that it would be a really cool effect. Especially if the tour guides are holding it close to their faces :D

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