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Grugg the Swamp Ogre

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So I was in the Haunted Forest Idea Factory the other day when Wicked Grandma comes wandering in. She took one look at Grugg and said, "who the heck is that!??" I explained to her that this is Grugg the swamp ogre who has moved into the Haunted Forest under the bridge in the swamp at the west end of the graveyard. All she said as she turned away was, "if you think for one minute I'm feeding that guy you are sadly mistaken. He will probably eat at least 2 goats and 1 small child for breakfast and our neighbors are suspicious of all the missing cows as it is." Wicked Grandma loves me.

Grugg is powered by a wiper motor and stands 7' tall but when someone walks on his bridge he rises to 8" brandishing his club. He is an ogre of few words (his vocabulary is pretty limited to just doing some sinister grunting) but any trespasser will get still get the message.

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