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Ground Fogger Remote

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Does anyone know if there is a timer remote available for the irradiant ground fogger (DLL-400). This fogger style is very common, and seems to have many different manufacturers. I assume if one remote would work on one brand, it would work on all of them. I have seen some remotes that look like they would be compatable, but don't want to waste $25. I have already sent 2 e-mails to irradiant with no response. Any help would be appreciated.
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It looks to me like the standard universal fog machine timers should work...I have used them on many different brands of foggers and the plugs seem to be somewhat standard.

You can try this for a quick test ...if you have an ohmmeter or circuit tester
unplug the remote and connect the ohm meter to the remote connector (not the fog machine) and while holding the remote button down, make note on which contact you get zero ohms. 99% of the time this will be the middle and bottom contacts (when plugged in the fog machine). Now that you have verified this you should be able to pick up a universal fog timer for about $20 at walmart during halloween season.

Save the old remote button....they are great for triggering and testing pnuematic props :)
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