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Gross Grub Cookbook

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My family has this cookbook that we used to use at my birthday parties. They were always a hit. Anyone else do food like this?
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I have a puking JOL with something gross coming out of the mouth. Sometimes I use gucomole dip, spinach dip, hominy salad, etc.

I also use a small skeleton and lay out cold cuts inside it.

Brain mold with yucky looking stuff, etc.

We have served freshly flayed flesh before which is a big brisket that is smoked on the grill and comes out looking black or charred like a burned corpse. It is really cool looking on a table with a skeleton skull a the top of it.

Yeah, we have used some gross things. lol
If you look at my lonesome album, you will see home of my creations (pinterest inspired mostly)
Those are awesome! I especially liked your Halloween Ribs. We didn't go all out like that (it doesn't take much to gross out a couple 7-year olds). But If I ever do this when I have kids, it's gonna be like this.
Oh yes, this was for an adult party. Let me see what else I have to upload
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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