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Gross Food: Body Parts Chop Shop Theme

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We are throwing a pre-teen party this year and thought we would try to make the food as gross as possible. Searched the internet for a while and compiled so pretty gross recipes.

Just wanted to share with everyone.

If you have any particularly nasty, gross recipes please share!
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Wow! These rock. I might have to steal (I mean Borrow) some of these for my Halloween party.
I think I just threw up a little. LOL
okay... I was like at Wal-Mart today and they are slowly starting to put out the Halloween out and they have all the candies out and I was laughing my self sick when i came across this gummy candy shaped like foot or hand. Thought I would meantion this, if you may consider this for your Tween party. It is only $5.00.... Again funny as hell.

Thanks for the ideas. I will hvae to check out Walmart for these gummies.

We were trying to find some realistic candy bugs but no luck so far.
that pdf is amazing! I love those ideas, I'm really going to have to try them, but they just kind of look a bit on the expensive side....like the mozz balls. I remember them not being too cheap especially if serving a big crowd.
nice I'm loving how they all look. I am also doing some gross foods at our party I think I might do two tables; one with gross foods, and one with some of the normal party foods. Thnx for making this into a pdf file. It saves me a lot of trouble keeping mine all in different places.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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