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grin grinning ghost

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heres another version of it

YouTube - grim grinning ghosts
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tdf22... you've stumbled on something I've been thinking about recently...

What would it take to create cgi versions of the actual HM Singing busts? I've seen all these other wonderful cgi creations as well as numerous attempts to utilize actual footage from the original bust loops.

Imagine cgi though. They can be positioned whereever, they can be anitmated to the music however needed!?!?

In fact, I imagine they may even look more like statues instead of projected faces?

I'm getting goose bumps.

And tdf22, your singing Frankenstein is the closest thing I've seen to it!
yea same here was looking for it online - couldnt find it so i create it myself!
here my final take on the grim grinning for my 2009 set up

working on second song - any ideas welcome

IF anyone is interested in it - let me know!

YouTube - grim grinning 2009 singing
singing pumpkins animation

if any one is interested in videos

let me know i have 4 songs ready to send out

this is halloween
grim grinning
and a trck or treat song

[email protected]

for more info

can set it up any one you like
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Just wanted to let anyone who might be still interested - Finally got Animation READY to burn and ship out to who ever interested in purchasing one!!

will come with monster mash -thriller - grin grinning - this is halloween - and couple small Halloween songs-
just wanted to let anyone who is interested
heres my latest version of the singing pumpkins video
if anyone is interested in purchasing it let me know

[email protected]

here a demo of what it looks like!!

YouTube - tube
tdf22, are you using CrazyTalk - Facial Animation Creator to animate your videos? Kinda looks like it with your Franken-singer. If not, check it out:

CrazyTalk - Facial Animation Creator

My first attempt with the trail version and I was able to animate an Edgar Allan Poe portrait reciting The Raven!
Any type of video projector - or some use TVs and put them by there windows
Im using a video projector - onto pumpkins or what ever head like item you have
Bed Bath & Beyond has a projector for $99.00 made by The Sharper Image which works pretty darn good for this project.
OMG that's so cool!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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