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Greetings, spooky chillins!

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Hey, chillins!

It took me a while but I've finally found a forum dedicated to celebrating Halloween as much as I do: every day! Halloween has been a very important part of my life from a young age and I've amassed an appreciation for it since the age of 20 when I started researching its origins in depth. I also celebrate Samhain (celtic pagan holiday where Halloween comes from) and Dia De Los Muertos for cultural and religious/spiritual reasons. Other than the historical side of Halloween, I enjoy its many other incarnations and am not afraid to admit that I gush over all of the commercialized and media forms of Halloween as well. Costumes, movies, books, etc. I eat it all up if it has anything to do with Halloween.

Besides being a Halloween enthustiast, I am a freelance writer and an independent author. Some day soon I aspire to live off of my fictional writing. My writing repetoire includes short stories, novels, the occaisional spec script and someday I hope to be able to write graphic novels and video game scripts as well. I love to read any form of literature: nonfiction books, short stories, graphic novels, plays, etc. I also enjoy nature and watching tv and movies on Kanopy, Tubi, Crackle and Amazon.

I look forward to making new spooky friends!
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Welcome! Glad you are here!
Welcome! Enjoy your time on here! I'm sure you'll meet lots of lovely people on here! :)
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