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Greetings from western Washington state

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Hello, my name is Deborah. Our condo is nearly entirely set up for Halloween already as we speak. I like to have it done no later than October 1st, so I can enjoy it all month long.

We moved to Issaquah, Washington just over a year ago from California, where I spent the first almost 60 years of my life. We've been amassing Halloween decor for at least 25 years now, so we have quite a stash. Some things are store-bought props, and I've made or added to other decor, which I really enjoy.

Our current digs are a bit smaller than our house in California, so we've culled through a few things and are still trying to figure out where to put everything that remains. I can share a link to my Facebook Halloween album from last year, if that is okay to do here. That album is public.

It looks much the same so far this year, although I'm still in a bit of acquisition mode. Despite being filled to the gills, somehow that never ends! :D
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