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I just found your site today through google. I was looking on more info for a fog chiller. I started building my Halloween props around 2001.

Made Props List
12 foot brown spider
4 foot brown spider
Cemetary fence 60 ft
Cemetary gate
12 headstones
2 partial coffins that look like they are coming out of the ground
3 large spiderwebs 30 ft each (replacing them this year)
1 full size coffin
8 foot mummy that needs restuffing and rewrappng
3 Black light fixtures (24 inch dual bulb)

Purchased props
Lighting machine - sound trigger and thunder cd / 500 watt contractor lights (2)
2 London foggers (each makes 20,000 cubic feet of fog in a minute)
3 Bucky 4th quality skeletons (I painted to look aged)
Cobweb maker
3 headed dog
rubber mummy
12 fogging skulls

Thats what I can remember off the top of my head.

Currently I am building a 20 gallon fog chiller with 4 inch openings.

I post some photos as I get more stuff up.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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