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Greetings from i-Zombie Productions

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In 2004, i-Zombie Productions forever changed the Haunting Industry with our invention of the Stereo and the Multi-Channel Lightning Controller. Most lightning simulation products at that time were simple, single channel color organs that flashed lights to any sound. Since then, many Home Halloween enthusiasts as well as Professional Haunted House owners have gone high-tech by adding i-Zombie Lightning Controllers to their arsenal of haunting tools. With features such as moving sound and/or moving lights, lights that dim in response to thunder sounds as well as huge wattage capabilities, the choice is simple. Those who wish to create a thunder and lightning storm effect worthy of a Hollywood Horror movie are using i-Zombie Lightning Controllers. Many of you have told us that our ThunderTracks CD which has Mono, Stereo and Delay tracks, is the best of the best.

Dave Pape
i-Zombie Productions, LLC
26263 Pawnee Road
Valley, NE. 68064
Phone: (402) 359-8735
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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