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Hi all,

WOW, I know a lot of people like me always liked Halloween as much (more?) than Christmas as kids, but WOW, a whole forum for 365 discussion: Great idea!

Anyway, I came here to post a ghost story, but first... about me:

Glenn Lantz here, from Elm Street.

I used to hang out with my girlfriend ... (I forgot her name) until Freddy killed me by pulling me into a mattress with his claws back in '84, after which I was spewed onto the ceiling of my bedroom in a giant gusher of blood... but most of you probably know about all that. Here I am, rambling on about Old News...

The Internet Movie Database says the filming occurred at 1428 N. Genesee Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, so I guess that's where I "live" (haunt) now.

My favorite movie is the 1930 Dracula with Lugosi, and I can't wait till they re-master that pristine condition lavender nitrate negative I heard that was just recently discovered... (that, AND Metropolis, rediscoverd in one year!)

Wow... a forum for year-round halloween discussions!...

- G Lantz
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