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Greetings from a Horror Writer

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Hello Everyone,

Glad to be on board. Big fan of Halloween and all things supernatural, plus you can throw in cryptozoology as well... I'm the author of a number of books, several Halloween themed, including "Frightful October," "A Halloween Harvest," "Dark Harvest," "Restless Shades," "Troubled Visions," and "Ogre's Passing." I have a new one forthcoming this fall from Bad Moon Books, kicking off their annual Halloween line called "The Watching," and next year's edition will be "Mischief Night." I've sold over 100 stories to markets such as Fangoria, Dark Realms, Cemetery Dance, Space & Time, and the Darkside mass market anthologies. Here are my links to Myspace and Hauntspace, always looking for new friends to correspond with:

MySpace.com - Paul - 100 - Male - Pennsylvania - www.myspace.com/paulmelniczek

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I collect vintage Halloween decorations, and have nearly all of the Empire blowmolds including the orange haunted house. Looking forward to reading the posts and hearing opinions of mutual Halloween enthusiasts! Heading over to the movies next. ;)

Paul Melniczek.
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Lord of the Cemetery
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Greetings Paul.
Welcome to the Forum.
As you will see, there is a lot more to this forum than Halloween alone.
Many of us are Horror movie and literature fans and some of us have more than a passing interest in cryptozoology too..There are several threads in the "paranormal and unexplained" section.


jester girl
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welcome aboard. i love to read but i don't believe i've read any of yours. mostly i like mystery romance. but i do occasionally do horror. i will have to keep an eye out for one of your books.
so you have all the empire blowmolds! awesome. i love blowmolds. can you post a picture of all your blowmolds?
they're not probably all empire, i just love blowmolds. here are my halloween ones.

there's 2 ladies that live across from me. they each have about 2 apiece and not ones i have, i told the one lady i was half tempted to go out late at night and add hers to my collection. she just laughed. she has a big pumpkin man and a candle with an evil face dripping wax.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Great picture of your Halloween decorations. You should keep them up all year long. Lol. I need to update my PC soon, can't post pics right now.

Plenty of things I can't do, but I try to enjoy my hobbies and make a living out of them when possible. Wouldn't mind working some more in the Halloween industry besides writing. Thanks all!

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