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Greetings boys and ghouls!
My name is JessOLantern.
I live next door to three cemeteries in an underground apartment covered in bats, skulls, and pumpkins.
I have spent a collected 6 years of my life scaring people professionally in several haunted houses.
I co-ran a zombie crawl crew that grew into the hundreds over night.
I have a solo music project called JessOLantern.
I sing for a horror punk and Misfits cover band called Skeletal Life.
I also sing for a spooky-glam band called Vonesper.
I save up a "Season Fund" for "Hallowmas" (November 1) every year.
I have an addiction, obsession, and emotional connection with Pumpkin, and Pumpkin flavored/scented things, and it's never going away.
All Hail All Hallows!
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