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You know, these days when the Environment is such an important and overwhelming issue, Halloween characters/identities like the Riddler, the Mask (Jim Carrey), Pippi Longstocking, and Captain Planet could really lend their support.

I identify (stylistically) with the Ridller and the Mask, but I have been thinking a lot about another identity, an eco-hero of sorts-

no, not Superman.
no, not Batman or Spiderman.
no, not Aquaman.


This is a classic comic book character who went through a series of role changes. In the silver age, the Green Lantern was donned by the fictional person, Hal Jordan. Hal is my favorite, though many like the fictional person, John Stewart (no relation to "The Daily Show").

Hal Jordan would remind us to investigate renewable energy research and methods of efficient, sustainable, living. Of course, RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE.
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