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Great Pumpkin Prop/Costume 2015

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Hello! It's been a long time! Great to see you all again!

So, the past few years I have been living in an apartment, as in no yard to haunt. I've been waiting it out, hoping to have a yard soon, taking some time off, but I couldn't take it anymore. This year I decided to make a costume that ended up being a wearable prop so I could make my haunt mobile. It's a few days before our big day of course and I'm still busy finishing up my daughter's costume, so I don't have time to post a long post but I wanted to show you something. So here are a few photos. I'll hopefully have better ones after Halloween and I will post those along with the backstory and making of. Thanks for looking!

The Great Pumpkin!

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That is amazing and a great idea to wear a prop!
Thanks! It went well but was super heavy. Brainstorming for this year...
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