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Great find at Paper Factory!

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I was looking over this bat bar at Paper Factory to figure out how to make one myself when my husband asked about the price. It was clearanced from $150 down to $30!!!!!!!!!
The gargoyle does NOT come with it...(it is from Lowes) but the bar has 2 plastic bat trays and a couple of rubber spiders that you can't see well in the pic that lay on the bar. The bat at the top has flashing eyes and the whole thing stands 7 feet tall and is made of a light weight wood with plastic accents. The back is open with a shelf for storage.

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Pic link doesn't work?

Sounds pretty cool, tho!
I can't see the pic of it either! :(
Can someone tell me how to fix the pic? It is in my album titled "props" and all I did was copy and paste the URL from there so why doesn't it work?????? Here is just the pic pasted so maybe that will work.

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I don't even see your albums.
"slaps head" maybe it was because I hadn't checked "public" on the album :)
"slaps head" maybe it was because I hadn't checked "public" on the album :)
Too funny, love the "bat Bar" what a find for $30!
PS: now your pic links work.
Nice! The link worked for me.
That's pretty nice, especially for $30! When's happy hour? or should we call it the witching hour?
excellent I love it.
$30? what a deal! Maybe someday I'll actually run across a deal like that, congratulations on your cool looking prop!
I want a Paper Factory nearby. I miss that place.
Too funny, love the "bat Bar" what a find for $30!
What's worse is my best friends lurk here and have never once told me my pics weren't showing up. I have been posting them for awhile now and only you and Ms Meeples mentioned not being able to see them...LOL!
Oooooohhh, I love it and want it bad !!!!! I seen this before a few years ago at Party City and when I google PF I get PC is this a branch of them or same store ? Trying to find a location here. Thanks....and very nice score !!!
I got one....who-hoo !!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy,went to Party city and ask the guy behind the register if they had any in back...........he paused then say oh yeah we have one left........and it rang up for only $15..............yahoo !!!!!!!!You guys be sure to check your PC's back stock room for them...........I knew I had seen one there before.LIFESIZE BAT BAR - HORROR HALLOWEEN PROP DISPLAY PARTY - eBay (item 320415946902 end time Sep-23-09 11:27:33 PDT).........good pics and info here.........guy wants $250 for it....????
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Originally Posted by Deadna

Originally Posted by Deadna
My store(Paper Factory) got another shipment in of the batbars and they are still 30 bucks here. Make sure and ask for them people because they were hidden in the stockroom!

Cool..... good news !!! I cannot find a link for the Paper Factory ?!?! Do they have a web page and store locator ????
yeah i guess its a good find LOL

One on Ebay for $60.00 Item number 190336400128
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