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Great Buys on Ebay! Halloween Trasure Box!

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Hey guys,
I've got a couple of things "halloween related" for sale on EBAY.
I'm going to have more in the next few weeks, but for now check these out.
eBay Seller: wxchris: Collectibles, Computers Networking items on eBay.com

One of the more standout items is the "Halloween Treasure Box".
We run a non-profit haunted house and stores are WONDERFUL about donated left over halloween products at the end of the season. Right now, we are overstocked with stuff that we will never use in the haunt, such as various decorations, cups, plates, window clings, spider web packs, pumpkin flash lights, etc.

So.. We decided to put together a "Halloween Trasure Box", and it's only $10, and that includes FREE SHIPPING!

It will have atleast $25 worth of merchandise, and of course it will vary, but we will try to put a mixture of things in there.

We are using all the money from the online sales to put back into our haunt, so it's going to a great cause!

Go take a look and happy haunting!

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LOL!!! No, no treasure box.. Just aot of treasures!!

BY THE WAY... Due to the slow sale of these, I dropped the price to $7.. FREE SHIPPING...

Definately worth it guys!! PLEASE check it out! Thanks!
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