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Great awesome bucky/blucky at garden ridge!!!!

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I was in Garden Ridge yesterday and went to the Halloween section, I found the coolest skeleton!!! I have been looking for a Bucky but didn't want to pay full price. Well Garden Ridge has an inbetween model. The skeleton comes in regular white and a cool black antique decayed color. I bought one of each.

The material is kind of like a Blow mold Blucky. But it seems a tad stronger?
But unlike a blucky it is jointed with screws and pins like a BUCKY. It is 5 feet tall and the face and hands are very Buckyish not like the Blow mold cheesy Blucky. Overall I am impressed with the new skeleton. Here are pics of my 2 and a half year old daughter right out of the tub with him LOL. They are $49 a piece and worth EVERY PENNY

close up of his hands

close up of his face

The white one in my garage already almost dressed
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The walls are a scene setter from SHINDIGZ.com. The roll is 4x30 and it looks GREAT! I think it is $14.99 for one roll, I bought 6 and it finished my whole basement. Good product and very easy to do. Recommend Shindigz.com to any one looking for a castle/dungeon wall kind of feel.

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Hey, ELH; would you still be willing to get one of these and ship to me? I am in Sacramento CA and can pay you through PayPal or whatever. I think the black skeleton looks best (it really does look very old) and would go great in the pirate cemetary I'm working on.
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