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Graveyard Skulls-I can't get my shipment from them!

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RESOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my shipment. Please read the last post for the solution.

August 21, placed an order for a single un-assembled Lindsey skull from the Graveyard Skulls website. (original design, not the new style)

Order was paid with PayPal on that date.

The website did say that it would take 2-3 weeks to ship the order and that was reasonable.

On the September 16, I sent an email as I had not received the skull or even a tracking number and received an almost immediate response from Joel via email that 'your order was shipped, let me find the tracking number'.

Everything was fine up until this point. I understand we all get busy this time of year and that late August may have been a little late in the season to order, but this was for an UN-Assembled kit, just in the box.

Unfortunately, the emails from GYS continued to promise that it had been shipped and 'I will get you a shipping number in a couple of hours'.

on Septemrber 30 the email thread was below...

You should have it by Wednesday the latest. I will pull the receipt and get the tracking number pulled that way. Because of the time; I went ahead and assembled it for you and did the alignment. After Halloween, I will mail you out another unassembled so you can assemble that one – no charge.

Joel Briggs

From: Trent
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 6:28 AM
To: Support Graveyardskulls
Subject: RE: Email From Graveyard Skulls Email Form


Do you have a tracking number, or an approximate date I can expect to receive it?


From: Support Graveyardskulls [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 9:23 AM
To: Trent
Subject: RE: Email From Graveyard Skulls Email Form

I shipped it out Saturday. Sorry for not responding back.

Joel Briggs"
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I have proof !!

The rumor is as true as an email both I and Halloween Bob received on the 23rd of September. In fact in one Email Joel clearly states he is breaking his lease and selling everything except for his machines. Those he intends to return to his garage. He also states the email at graveyard skulls will be shut down as well. So what ever excuse he is offering here, the truth is that he clearly indicated he was closing shop and he went into great detail as to how it would occur and the reasons for it. And I might add he clearly indicated he was relieved to be rid of a halloween prop business. Anyone that wishes to see these emails may PM me and we can share them in private. I will provide my personal email so as not to violate any rules here. I have absolutely no doubt that Joel Briggs saw my 3 axis design as competition and therefore purposely showed interest in my unit to keep me off the market. The creation of drawings is only a smokescreen. He has never shown a working unit. Even though he claimed to sell 10 of them. And of course I never got my units either. This is all described in the other thread I started here.
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