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Graveyard Skulls-I can't get my shipment from them!

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RESOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my shipment. Please read the last post for the solution.

August 21, placed an order for a single un-assembled Lindsey skull from the Graveyard Skulls website. (original design, not the new style)

Order was paid with PayPal on that date.

The website did say that it would take 2-3 weeks to ship the order and that was reasonable.

On the September 16, I sent an email as I had not received the skull or even a tracking number and received an almost immediate response from Joel via email that 'your order was shipped, let me find the tracking number'.

Everything was fine up until this point. I understand we all get busy this time of year and that late August may have been a little late in the season to order, but this was for an UN-Assembled kit, just in the box.

Unfortunately, the emails from GYS continued to promise that it had been shipped and 'I will get you a shipping number in a couple of hours'.

on Septemrber 30 the email thread was below...

You should have it by Wednesday the latest. I will pull the receipt and get the tracking number pulled that way. Because of the time; I went ahead and assembled it for you and did the alignment. After Halloween, I will mail you out another unassembled so you can assemble that one – no charge.

Joel Briggs

From: Trent
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 6:28 AM
To: Support Graveyardskulls
Subject: RE: Email From Graveyard Skulls Email Form


Do you have a tracking number, or an approximate date I can expect to receive it?


From: Support Graveyardskulls [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 9:23 AM
To: Trent
Subject: RE: Email From Graveyard Skulls Email Form

I shipped it out Saturday. Sorry for not responding back.

Joel Briggs"
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I understand your frustration.

You will get your order as well as the unassembled skull as stated.

Joel was having trouble finding your transaction in PayPal. It was under a different name and a different transaction number than the one you provided, but it did have your email in it

Joel was looking for a transaction under your name.

I looked it up and found the transaction - actually this one: Web Accept Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #64U55744K8890335G)

Although it was in a different name, it is your payment. Your order will not be delayed any longer.

Sorry for our error and apparent inability to correct the problem in a timely fashion.


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I am sorry for the problems you had and apparently continue to have. Please don't put me in the same category as Joel. I am also still waiting for resolution from Joel. My part in the business was only design, technical support and providing routines. I never had any control over production, assembly, sales or shipping of products and no way to check up on it as I was kept in the dark on those matters as much as all the customers. I am quite sure that I, personally, never made any promises to you or anyone else regarding the shipping of your products or fulfilling your orders, as I never knew myself what was happening. I was there because my designs were being used, and to provide technical support to those who needed it, which I did a lot of. For free.

I understand that you are rightfully upset. I don't know the circumstances of your particular situation, but unfortunately, you are not alone. If there is anything that I can do to help you, please let me know, however, I have no control over anything Joel does or ever did. I can not make him keep his word if he has told you things that he did not follow through on. I just wanted to clarify my role in the defunct company, and to extend my sympathy to anyone who has had or still has unresolved issues. I am right there with you.

I feel very badly that I was involved in a company that treated customers this way. I did not know that going in, and throughout the entire time, I had no control over any of those parts of the business.

I hope to clear that up and not be dragged down into the dirt, as I do want to be someone that has good things to offer to this community, and it is unfortunate that I got connected to something that gives me a black eye.

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