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I am selling a Graveyard Skulls Rack and Pinion 3-axis skull with 2-axis LED eyes. I've had this for several years and unfortunately it never made its way into my haunt. I have the complete skull, two sets of controller cables, SSC-32 controller card, Keyspan USB to serial adapter, and serial cable.

It has not been used aside from me initially tinkering around with VSA and the demos and tests that GYS ran on it. It was sent back to GYS soon after I purchased it to have the servos replaced and the board tested (this was do to a mistake I made connecting everything to the SSC-32 card) and one other time when I cracked the servo plate.

It was tested by GYS prior to being returned to me and I never used it.

I'm asking $250.00 + Shipping.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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