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For those of you who love the brutal yet elegant symbolism of Puritan era gravestones and markers, have I got a book for you...

Amazon.com: Graven Images: New England Stonecarving and its Symbols, 1650-1815 (9780819560407): Allen Ludwig: Books

If you want to learn the layout and the planning of a tombstone, from the curved head and the shoulders to the side panels and the lettering style (as well as historic spelling) this book rules. I own it and use it all the time for references.
Excellent images of skulls (winged or over thighbones) hourglasses (winged and otherwise) suns, sythes, skeletons, lanterns, ivy, laurels, quills, scrolls, wheat, doves, angels and where to put them on the stone, this is the book for you.
You'll learn symbols meanings to the puritan population, the development of the styles, changing tastes and materials, and it's got plenty of photos.

Some homemade cemeteries and graveyards may prefer later time frames, like the Civil War or the Edwardian Era, but if it's witch hysteria, headless horsemen and the ghosts of the colonial era, (or the foul boneyards of Lovecraft's literature) you'll want this.
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