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Grave Grabber / Ground Breaker - Part 3 - Alternate build

Note: You will need to complete parts one and two for the basic ground breaker build

For this build of the grave grabber you will need :

An head or skull
One pair of hands

Two lengths of PVC pipe each 6" long
Four lengths of PVC pipe each 8" long
One length of PVC pipe 15" long
45 degree and 60 degree elbows

One 4" - 6" length of pool noodle
One 8" length of pool noodle

Take the shortest piece of pool noodle and glue to the massager, between the two armatures.
For this I used Loctite Sumo Glue, but Gorilla Glue will work just as well.

I had to cut the bottom at an angle to get the correct fit.

Attach the two 45 degree fittings as shown

Next, Attach the two lengths of 6" pipe

Now add the 8" pipes and the 45 degree and/or 60 degree fittings as shown

Attach the hands to the arms

This completes the first stage ... second stage follows
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