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Dave's right..this is a very easy prop to make yourself for a lot less cash.

I did a similar thing last year, using a corpsified styrene skull, a basic armature and some old PJ's, housecoat and shawl that I picked up at a local charity shop for just a few pounds.

The rocking chair is something I've had for ages. (every home haunt should have at least one)
and was rocked by a wiper motor and cam operating on a roller on one of the chair "runners"
I also had a motion sensor that triggered a cackling laugh when the TOT's approached.
it was quite effective, as a lot of the visitors expected "Gran" to leap out of the chair at them!!
You can see a couple of photo's of her on the "Halloween 2008" album on my profile thingy.
(She did look creepier in the dim light, though.)
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