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grandma taters

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hi i'm here again with another haunted mansion problem. you see im being one of a kind and remaking the haunted mansion with my own story. in the ballroom i want to put an organist, an endless hallway, chandeliers, tables and chairs, dancing ghosts, but i want to add a very special character, but i can't decide if i she should be in the ballroom as grandma taters (don't ask) or in the graveyard looking for her brain. i think in the grave yard so the dancing ghosts can be the main attraction, but i wanted to put a singing head. i only have two projectors and two days in a row. the first day i'm making a changing portrait and either grandma taters or a singing bust. the second day im making madame leota, which i think should float or would it be easier for her to sit still, and the dancing ghosts or grandma taters. what should i do?! i was thinking maybe of projecting two things like grandma taters interacting with the singing bust or by the dancing ghosts, but i'll let you pros decide. should i just take her out?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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