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As I am selling the Grandin Road Rat Witches so I am selling a Grandin Road witch. I have decided not to have a witch theme anymore and I could sure use the extra storage space

This was one of the witches offered in 2011. She is about 6 feet tall and says three sayings (sound activated)
She has always been displayed indoors and she is in good condition in my opinion.
You can see by the photos that the hat came off when the glue dried up but it can be reglued. Her face is latex and she is like most GR props, a few poles that attach to a four legs stand. The clothing on this prop is of a heavy "burlap" type much like the dress on the Helsa figure. She has been stored in the original Grandin mailing box since new. She came with a bright red apple that was supposed to attach to her palm however when i received it new the apple was loose in the box so i never used it but did keep it and have put it in the box now. There was a ground stake that was supposed to be included according to the instruction sheet but it was not in the box when I bought it

I am asking $25.00 for her. The package weighs 8 lbs 5 oz and shipping to the farthest zip code from me (NH to CA for example) would be $22.48 for Standard post. Of course the rate will vary according to zip code.
Please PM me if interested or if you need more info. I do have a paypal account




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