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Grandin Road - Free Shipping on Any Size Order

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Code XXW38816, good until October 8.
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Thanks for sharing the code, Garth.

Got all the GR e-mails last year, but recently switched ISPs. Haven't gotten any GR e-mails since . . . :(
You are welcome, Saruman. I found the code by doing an online search for free shipping, so you did not miss out due to lack of e-mails;)
Thanks for sharing Garth, you're a doll. They just marked down a lot of their Halloween items.
No problem, scareme. Between the markdowns and the free shipping, I figure that this is probably the best time to order items, before they sell out (like the skeletal black cat that I was waiting on:rolleyes:).
Grandin Road has 13 hour sale today with 50% off items such as Werewolf Dad, Old Hag, and Sexy Witch Legs. Werewolf Boy is marked down 50% and so is the animated Headless Horseman.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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