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something that's never happened b4 happened 2day ... a school bus stopped in front of our yard ... they must have made a special detour because, anytime that a school bus drives by its empty ... now it wasn't jam packed but it had a bunch of kids, and it was a gr8 boost to the day ... makes all of the hard work worth it ...

of course i told them 2 come by friday nite ...

and we seem 2 b getting more vehicles than usual, drive by slowly looking at the display ... some stop 2 chat ... we tell them 2 tell their friends ...

hoping this is going 2b a gr8 halloween ... hope to get over 300 tots ... which would b a record for us ...

everything is coming together really well ... doesn't seem 2b as much stress as previous years

and the yard is looking amazing, if i do say so myself ... :)

all that is left in the yard are the tombstones ... yeah there is some minor stuff that can be tweaked ... and i still need to build an enclosure for the projector in the yard, but i think i have a plan ... probably going 2 have 4 projectors running this year ... 3 inside and 1 onto a scrim outside

the porch is a disaster as this is where we're modifying all of our new props 2 make them black light reactive ...

i cant wait 2 c how it all turns out ... :)

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