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Wow! I received my 20' tall inflatable cat on Friday. Of course I had to set it up right away... It's spectacular! So cool in fact, the local bus driver stopped in the middle of the intersection so the kids could look! There was a mad scramble to get to the windows lemme tell ya.

So the cat's out of the bag (pun intended) and up in the yard. Along comes a couple of breezy days. Not much wind, but enough to ruffle your hair. Lo and behold, I check on the big boy on Saturday, and the gears that move the head are stripped. Now the head won't turn...

I called GR this afternoon and talked to customer service who said they could do any of several things. They could overnight me another cat and pay to return the stripped one. They could offer me a discount on the purchase. Or, they could send me a $100 gift card. The entire conversation was pleasant; the service rep was not only polite, but personable; and they were willing to do whatever I asked to make it right. Cool huh? :cool:
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