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Got the new fence up today

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Building a fence was this years big project. I am pleased with how it turned out.

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Nice work! PVC? what did you use for the toppers?
Thanks. It is PVC with ping pong balls on the small pieces. The posts have 2 inch wooden ball knobs for toppers.
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Your fence looks great! Can tell you spent a lot of time on it.

I just pulled mine out of the attic today.
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I just love when stuff looks great and is functional too. It's going to help control the scary crowds that you're sure to have! Great job.
ping pong balls. what a great idea! i have no toppers and been thinking about adding them. may e stealing that idea.
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How in the world did you affix the ping pong balls to the poles? Looks great BTW. Long fence -- Hours of work no doubt. How many feet?
Great fence! And great idea about using ping pong balls!

I too just took mine out and put it up today, my pallet fence looks nowhere near as nice as yours!

Great Job!
very cool bro.
I was thinking the wooden ball for the topper but the ping pong ball was a clever idea. thanks.
Thanks folks.

I originally used a hot glue gun to glue all the ping pong balls on. Very bad idea that didn't work good at all. I had almost half of the balls fall off before the fence went up. I picked up some E6000 glue from Micheals to re-glue with and it seems to be working OK.

The fence is about 46 feet long.

I never want to spray paint this much again.
I used these to make my fence finials a few years ago. They fit perfectly over 1/2" PVC.

If anybody wants any of these caps, let me know. I've got hundreds of them.

Mine goes up Saturday, time to get to work peeps.
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