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Got some Halloween in February!

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A good friend of my DH's (and me) called us up last week. He was participating in a cook-off hosted by Saint Arnold's Brewery, and his crew were going to do a Halloween-themed setup. They were judging on booth decor as well as food.

So he called and asked if he could borrow some of our props. We just happened to have quite a bit of it in our garage, easily accessable (I HATE putting it away, so it gets stacked in the back - plus I get to look at it everytime we pull in the garage! :rolleyes: )

Their team was called "The Living Dead Drunks" and they took our life-sized mummy, tombstones, lots of scene setters and bones and webbing. He waited until the last minute and apologized for not checking with us sooner.

They didn't win, (I got leftovers, and the judges must have been crazy - it was GOOD) but they had tons of compliments and lots of comments on where the heck they found all the Halloween decorations at the end of January. ;)

He PROMISED he'd take pictures, but hasn't gotten any to me yet. :(

He said that if they do this next year, he'll speak with me MUCH earlier, so they can get a better arranged display and more of our cool props to use.:cool:

Anybody had any Halloween decor sightings THIS early? :D