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Got Our Dog Soldiers Werewolf Signed!

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We made it to the Walker Stalker Con in Orlando and got our Dog Soldiers werewolf down there so the star of the movie Sean Pertwee could autograph him for us. We had a blast meeting this guy and he really appreciated us bringing him down. He posed for lots of pics when we got him signed, and then he came out again as we were leaving to say hi to us again and get some more pics. The stars of Bitten (Laura Vandervort and Greg Bryk) were in the booth to the right and asked us to bring the wolf over to check it out, and Pertwee went over to his Gotham co-stars Robin Lord Taylor and Drew Powell and was pointing out the wolf to them and telling them how it came from one of his movies. He was like a proud papa talking about one of his kids, and you know you've hit the mark when an actor asks to take some selfies of himself with your work.

Also had Ross Marquand and Jordon Robinson from The Walking Dead come by to check our beast out, and Greg Nicotero kept looking out at him from his booth but he was busy with signing the whole time we were there. All in all it was a great time!

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