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Got alot done today!

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Have to wait until dark to adjust the spot lights!
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Wow! What a great job. I like the scale of it all, and I love your spiders. Did you make your grim reapers or buy them somewhere? Also, I'm curious about the head/mask for your gravedigger, because I haven't started mine yet and I like yours - where did you get it?
Wow you aren't kidding. Looks good. Like the spiders.
Have to wait until dark to adjust the spot lights!
You did get alot done today Dozer1.
Your decor is looking just wonderful. :D
Wow! That's great :). I'm loving the decor! And I like the boarded up windows, what a great touch!
Ooh! Very, very nice!!!! Way to go. I wish I could trick or treat at your house!
Beautiful! And I bet it looks even better at night! Good job.
Great job! You must have a lot of fun decorating that house, I love the style.
wow I love it.
I wish you lived in my neighborhood.

How do you attach the spiders? Also is that the spider victim from walgreens?
Love, Love, Love the spiders on the house!!!
Are the spiders weather proof?
That looks absolutely fabulous! Where in the world did you get those spiders, or are they homemade? That is a great idea, and I'll bet it looks awesome at night. Good job.
excellent job . everything looks really amazing!
It looks fantastic! Make sure ya post pics at night! Can I ask how did ya attach those boards on the windows? Great idea and of course love the spiders and the gravedigger! Good job!
I think BY FAR you have the scariest friggin house on here..haha wow..I hope mine looks that good!!

If I was a kid I'd be think twice about trick or treating there..WOW AMAZING SCARY job..
Thats impressive, Very Good Job!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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