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"Gore Decor Beaker Glow"

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BTW just noticed: title should read "Gore Decor Beaker Grow"

I was looking through the Drew's Famous Entertainment Halloween 2009 catalog and on Page 3 are plastic beakers that have those little expanding grow body parts that a number of us were posting about after finding them in DOLLAR TREE. Haven't seen the beakers in the stores yet, but if you are looking for a simple solution for a mad scientist lab, maybe this might be something to look for. In the past Dollar Tree has carried Drew's Famous music CDs and DVDs so who knows maybe this year they might carry this product. Has anyone seen these yet in the stores?

Turn Up The Music - Halloween 2009 (Flip to page 3)
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Glad you guys are so easily humored. Hey, Drew's Famous mdse is on the cheap to reasonably priced side so you can't complain too much. Definitely novelty line. I've seen the cds at Joanne's full price and also at Dollar Tree for, you got it, $1.
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