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Two nights ago I had to kick a very obnoxious drunk Woman out of The Ravens Grin Haunted house. She came in with four others were were not intolerably drunk.
I did tolerate her problem longer than I usually do,hoping she might"even-- out." As I was trying to entertain them she said loudly :"I think We have a Right to know what drugs You are "ON"! Said with not even a faint humorous tone,all nasty.
I calmly informed her of my Zero-"Drug" history and added:"If this was what you had been doing... you might be just like me." (Take it from there)
As I was walking her out the door she had no change of mood.
The other people went on to Laugh, Scream,Laugh at one another all through the house tour. They had a great time.

Yesterday afternoon a local man brought his 7-yr. old Daughter here to see the house. "She has been curious about your house for a long time.' (I Love to Hear That!)
We had all of the lights "ON" for her. She got to see how things work here and even got to push some "buttons" to make things work,and got to get a reaction from her Dad with one of them!
She laughed often,had her eyes wide open and even a little "wild" a few times,and Dad was very happy with their time spent here too.
We didn't even have to put any of our "Furry" four-legged helpers to "work",she was fine all the time she was here without them making an appearance.
"GOOD" with the "Bad" or vice-versa.. I try to focus on the good. Seeing that child's "Glow" erased much of the" snarl-nasty" left over from the problem "adult". Thank YOU!
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