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good process for creating faux stone walls

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I remember seeing a few sites who had some awesome stone castle walls carved out of foam...with directions! Anyone that can help out would be greatly appreciated.
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I just got done with one, but I haven't downloaded the pics yet. I will try to get them on here this weekend.
Sweet! Thanks Doc~ what process did u use?
I just did a whole bunch. 4x8 sheets of blue or pink foam.

1. I first tried using an exacto knife to carve out grout lines...it took forever, 2 days to do 1 board!

2. I went and bought a Dremel, with the little metal grinding bit, and that was the best thing ever! I could do 50 board a day if I wanted to!

3. Buy the Dremel or similar rotary tool, play around with the bits see which one you like!
A Dremel tool is great and makes fast work. I still stick witht he exacto knife for very inticate details on my tombstones.
Well try using an exacto knife for 10 or more stone 4x8 walls!
Foam Walls

My husband just used a dremel tool. Worked great. He cut a block sized piece of foam and held it up to his foam wall and traced around the block to make the lines and even created an archway. View attachment 6348

View attachment 6349
Nice set up dawnofthedead!

Like I said exato knife only in up close detaled areas. Dremel for everything else.
you did some grear work and my hats off to you.
how did you get the ceiling in the hall like that?
Faux Hallway

how did you get the ceiling in the hall like that?
The hallway is just an optical illusion. It is just painted inside the opening to the faux wall so it looks like there is a tunnel .
Wow, DOTD that hallway painting looks awesome!!! I love forced perspective!
You can also use a soldering iron (minues the tip), for some nice "rugged" grout lines...don't worry, it won't catch fire...
I'm attempting this project today...(big sigh) I will be posting results whether it sucks or not
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