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Good Luck, Happy Halloween

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To all those who have a busy day and night ahead, Good Luck, Good Weather, and have fun!
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What is everyone doing today?! I hope everyone's plans work out! I'm going to check the national weather, haha.

Gotta make bat cakepops today, having my sis and some girls over to help with costumes/makeup, then going downtown.

Supposed to get cool tonight here, but my costume consists of a long sleeve thermal and sweat pants, so I should be good :p

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It's almost time. I'm sitting here all corseted up in my witch costume and I can't breathe (I'm a hefty gal.) LOL It's so quiet right now. I can't imagine a kid being more excited on Christmas morning than I am right now.
The weather is gorgeous. I cannot wait. Bring it on!!!!! :D

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you wonderful HF members.

~ Hilda
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