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So here are some of my personal favorite pieces of music perfect for Halloween time:

A Nightmare On Elm Street Theme - Charles Bernstein
Beetlejuice Theme - Danny Elfman
Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Beginning - Wojciech Kilar
Candyman: It Was Always You, Helen - Philip Glass
Donnie Darko: Burn It To The Ground - Michael Andrews
Donnie Darko: Manipulated Living - Michael Andrews
Evil Theme - Paul Anthony Romero & Rob King
Funeral March - Frederic Chopin
Grim Grinning Ghosts - Gaylord Carter
Halloween Theme - John Carpenter
Lucifer's Choir - Tim Souster
A Nightmare On Elm Street Main Theme - Orlando Pops Orchestra
Medal Of Honor: Securing The Codebook - Michael Giacchino
Nocturne - Nox Arcana
Pan's Labyrinth: Deep Forest - Javier Navarrete
Pan's Labyrinth: Mercedes - Javier Navarrete
Pan's Labyrinth: Pan And The Full Moon - Javier Navarrete
Pipe Organ And Bassoon - Scary Sound Effects
Pipe Organ And Ghost - Scary Sound Effects
Psycho: Shower Scene Theme - Bernard Herrmann
Sleepy Hollow Theme - Danny Elfman
Spiritual Hell - Tim Souster
Tales From The Crypt Theme - Danny Elfman
The Omen: Ave Satani - Jerry Goldsmith
The Red Violin: Death Of Anna - John Corigliano
The Shining: Dies Irae - Hector Berlioz
The Silence Of The Lambs Theme - Howard Shore
The Village: The Gravel Road - James Newton Howard

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I just purchased "300 Halloween Sounds" on iTunes and it has some awesome sounds and theme music such as the creepy organ, wolves howling, eerie winds, bubbling cauldrons. I will be using some of these as ambient sounds as I open the the door for Trick or Treaters. Love it!

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Good picks! Here's a few picks I might use this year.
Hello Zep - Charlie Clouser - Saw
Heels - Disasterpeace
Title - Disasterpeace
Anyone - Disasterpeace
Company - Disasterpeace
Intro and Main Title - Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave - Phantasm
Main Titles - Charlie Clouser - Dead Silence
Black Fairy - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2
Ashes and Ghost - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2
Betrayal - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2
Over - Akira Yamaoka
Never Again - Akira Yamaoka
I'll Kill You - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill
Clowning Around with Monsters - Akira Yamaoka
Portrait of Mr. Boogie - Christopher Young - Sinister
Sleepy Time '98 - Christopher Young- Sinister
BBQ '79 (more the later half than anything) - Christopher Young - Sinister
Don't Worry Daddy, I'll Make You Famous - Christopher Young - Sinister

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I'm sure y'all have heard of Rogers Gardens........they have great music on their YouTube videos. One of them has the link for all the titles, but like an idiot I didn't write it down when I should have and now I feel find it again. So if anyone happens to stumble over it, can you please post it?? Pleeeeze???

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The entire John Carpenter's HalloweeN soundtrack is perfect for Halloween, I usually don't play much other then that for soundtracks, the rest is usually spooky noises and some great horror themed Rock'N'Roll from the 50's and 60s. (I.e Monster's Hop)
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