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Good Evening Ghouls... I am glad to join you.

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How did I live this long without this blog????? I have been Halloween obsessed for years and have thrown crazy blow outs the past few years. I am going to be able to really step up the game this year with all of the creativity being shared on here. :D I attached just a few photos from my party last year! I am wanting to go for a dark fairy tale theme this year and try to make a frighting forest highlighting different fairy tales. Please feel free to give me any tips on this if you have done something like it in the past!


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Welcome to the forums! That party looks like it was a good time. I might do one similar this year as well.
Thanks! Yes, it was a great time. Unfortunately, I have to my parties at a friends house each year because our place is too small which makes things extra busy and tricky. I can't wait to have my own large house that I can decorate and throw an over the top crazy party. One day!
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