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I have a 30 gallon plastic drum that is perfect for a Trash Can Trauma type prop.

It is used, and had contained liquid fabric softener previously. You'll need to cut the top off (drum is sealed, except for two small caps on top) and rinse it out really well.

It looks similar to the one listed in this eBay auction (not mine). These used drums can be bought cheap, but getting one shipped to you can run over $25!

There's no way I'm gonna ship this thing, but if you are going to Ironstock this year, I'll trade it for any inexpensive Halloween or prop-related item. Doesn't matter what. Or, if you're really strapped, I'll just give it to you. Either way, you have to pick up the drum at Ironstock.

To call dibs, just reply to this thread.

*Legal disclaimer* - prop use only; not safe for water or food storage; not responsible for death, injury, or softened fabric; some assembly required
1 - 5 of 5 Posts