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I think unorthodox covered the basics, but just a couple of ad ons.
I ran a pro haunt in California and i'm sure the safety codes here are a lot more strict here then Nebraska.

1) Try not rent to a building and look localy to see if you can't operate on open land, and FYI if it doesn't have a roof, it doesn't count as a structure.

2) Insurence.....Insurence.......Insurence.....Many people make this mistake and don't think about insurence for events, but yes you do need it.

3) Lumber, and building materials will cost a lot but, if you make deals with local small lumber hards or hardware store's in exchange for ad space at you haunt you might be able to pick material up at a huge discount (provided you plan to build it yourself).

4) try your best not to hire a contractor, they get expensive on special items stuff like sets.

5) Make sure you get all required permits and have the county code inspector walk through before you open you doors. If there's any problems you can fix them (the county code fines are very expensive$$$)

Last, what ever you plan on spending on your haunt, be prepared to spend 3 times as much, and don't do it if you can't afford to lose the money, this is a hard business to break into full time and alot of the pro's are 1 hit wonders because they often lose money because the newer ones aren't as well advertised as the big dogs.

Good Luck, i hope everything works out for you.
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