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Going pro??

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Hey guys, this year if am hoping to go pro!! I want to ask you a few questions and pick your brains.

1. How much can I expect to pay for a smaller building (blockbuster size)? How about to rent that same building per month?

2. Who do I contact about getting permits and licenses? How about information regarding pathway size, distance to fire extinguishers, and egress?

3. What can I expect to pay in total buildout? Lumber, hardware, wiring, etc.

4. Anything else I could possibly need to know before making the leap.

I appreciate any and all information ahead of time. I'm just looking to get an idea of a few items here. Doing some research

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1st off get your self to Transworld, the holly grail of Halloween Shows, I've never gone, but there are a lot of you-tube videos from HF members and others.
2nd check out other sites, there is a very good pro forum, that some HF members are also members of, should also be a great resource.. Search both here and other sites, "going pro" a lot of opinions about going pro are out there.
3rd from what the pro's say, you are right on the verge of not having enough time for 2015, get moving!
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