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Going pro??

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Hey guys, this year if am hoping to go pro!! I want to ask you a few questions and pick your brains.

1. How much can I expect to pay for a smaller building (blockbuster size)? How about to rent that same building per month?

2. Who do I contact about getting permits and licenses? How about information regarding pathway size, distance to fire extinguishers, and egress?

3. What can I expect to pay in total buildout? Lumber, hardware, wiring, etc.

4. Anything else I could possibly need to know before making the leap.

I appreciate any and all information ahead of time. I'm just looking to get an idea of a few items here. Doing some research

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Awesome info guys!! Keep it coming. As far as Transworld goes, I'm really trying to get my ducks in a row to get down there. Only about 6 hours away for me. Finding a hotel seems to be the hard part here.

Another question I had come up. As far as establishing myself as a "business" what do you recommend I do as far as name? I'm certain that "my scary haunt" isn't appropriate. Should I have a separate entity that covers all that? Ie: "Rich Christensen Productions." Also I am Omaha Metro Haunters on Facebook and Twitter, is that my name?

Thanks for all the five star info, like I said keep peppering me. I am noting all of this.

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Form an LLC for liability purposes (and business/tax purposes). That way, your personal assets are separate from your business assets if the business gets sued. You can name it whatever you like (with a few legal restrictions that you'll be made aware of when you go through the incorporation process).

Your haunted attraction name will probably be separate from you company/LLC name. Make sure your chosen haunt name is portable; not tied to one location.

My haunt name is an example of how NOT to do it. I've built up a very good following, locally, while using the name "Fright in Falcon".
What happens if I decide to go pro, and the only venue/location I can find is outside of Falcon, Colorado? The name won't make sense anywhere else, and If I change the name, how will my following know that this is the same haunt?

Best of luck. I love to see success stories.
Great tidbits here. Here's what my idea was: Start the business as "RC productions" or whatever. My haunt is probably going to be inLincoln, NE, the capital city. I like the name Star City Terror (please don't steal my name). Every year ideally I can have a new theme and name it like this: Star City Terror: Asylum, Manor, Carnival. Whatever. The idea is that as I grow I can change locations anywhere in Lincoln and still be Star City Terror
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