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Going pro??

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Hey guys, this year if am hoping to go pro!! I want to ask you a few questions and pick your brains.

1. How much can I expect to pay for a smaller building (blockbuster size)? How about to rent that same building per month?

2. Who do I contact about getting permits and licenses? How about information regarding pathway size, distance to fire extinguishers, and egress?

3. What can I expect to pay in total buildout? Lumber, hardware, wiring, etc.

4. Anything else I could possibly need to know before making the leap.

I appreciate any and all information ahead of time. I'm just looking to get an idea of a few items here. Doing some research

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I find that I am very disappointed in the overall quality of the "Pro Haunts" in my area. The only thing I can recommend is "if it looks store bought", it doesn't look professional. If I can buy it at at a seasonal Halloween Store I don't think it belongs in a pro haunt 97% of the time.

I think our passion for Halloween, and the pride in our own personal displays often leaves us feeling as if we are good enough to create and have long term success as professionals but I think many of us overestimate what we do. Just because TOT's say we are the best house in the neighborhood it doesn't make us necessarily worthy of going pro.

Be confident you have what it takes and do it right if you proceed. Please don't go pro if you think a Gemmy Stirring witch is a good prop for a pro haunt.
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