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Hey guys, this year if am hoping to go pro!! I want to ask you a few questions and pick your brains.

1. How much can I expect to pay for a smaller building (blockbuster size)? How about to rent that same building per month?
Varies FAR too widely by location to help you, I'm afraid. Check around locally.

2. Who do I contact about getting permits and licenses? How about information regarding pathway size, distance to fire extinguishers, and egress?
You're going to want to talk to your insurance first, see how much you're going to need there. Then the county offices about the other licenses. The fire marshall is generally the one to do the inspections, but this can vary, your county offices will know who to contact. While I could give you info about Utah code, it might not be the same in Nebraska. Best just go to the source and ask these questions directly.

3. What can I expect to pay in total buildout? Lumber, hardware, wiring, etc.
Again, it varies wildly buy location and situation. How many sq ft, how many walls, what kind of props need power, and how much, etc.

You're likely going to need a blueprint to turn in to the inspector prior to building, so factor that in, it's often better to hire that out if you don't know/aren't trained to do a professional job of that part. The blueprint will also give you a good starting place to get an idea just how much of everything you're going to need.
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