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Going BIG, need help!

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So this year I am really stepping up my haunt. This the haunt will be a fundraiser for an animal rescue that my family is very involved in. So this year not only am I doing the front lawn I am also add a a walk-threw in the driveway. That will be formed by using portable tents/canopies. There will be a few diffrent themes in each. So this is where the help from you bat nuts friends come in. I am look for a ideas for a circus/clown room and some Ideas for a living room scene. I will be using pallets and anything else I can get my hands on. Now mind you this will be done on a very small budget and alot of this will be recycled/salvaged items.

Please any suggestions would be great or even better if your in Philadelphia or the surrounding area and would like to give me a hand that would be great.

If this is in the wrong place move to the proper place.

Thank you.
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Make sure to check your local Goodwill. I saw 3 clowns just yesterday. When I think of clowns I think circus. Lots of great ideas here on that theme. You could use Dollar store red and white table cloths to make your circus tent. Also thrift stores carry furniture that you could use for your living room scene.
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